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Yes, i used Altsberglotion Corns and Warts Removal. After seven days my foot corns are gone, and I felt a huge relief. I strongly recommend anyone to buy this product. Believe me, every dollar that you pay will be worth to you. Thanks for everything. Samantha Gordon, Ocoee, FL, USA

Happy Feet !

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foot corns and calluses

Happy and healthy feet go hand in hand with your well being. Your feet are made up of almost a quarter of the total number of bones in your body, plus a whole network of muscles, ligaments and joints.

They are so complex podiatrists have 300 different foot conditions to learn about. The good news is, many of the problems are completely avoidable. And considering you only get one set of feet, there's no doubt they're worth your care and attention. And even better, there are lots of things you can do to improve your foot comfort and to keep you on your feet for life.


Most Effective Foot Corns Removal

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remove foot corns

Foot Corns are traumatic injuries that result in hemorrhage into the sensitive tissues of the sole at the angle of the sole between the hoof wall and the bars. Corns which are of long duration can be treated effectively by the milky juice of dry figs. Corns and calluses are one of the most common problems seen at our practice. Foot Corns are caused by wearing poorly-fitting boots or shoes.


Will Wart Remover Work on Corns ?

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Altsberglotion Wart and Corn Removal

Salicylic acid is an substance extracted from plants that has numerous medicinal and cosmetic purposes. It's used in a variety of forms to produce other drugs, like aspirin. Salicylic acid is most known for it's positive effect on the skin cells, so it can take care of skin blemishes like stubborn acne, warts and corns. For a long time, the keratolysis agent, salicylic acid, has been utilized to break down corns and warts. When patients ask their doctors how to remove corns, the perscription often contains this agent.



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