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Corn and Wart Remover

Corn and Wart Remover

Straight from nature at your service. Natural product for treating skin area demages which are caused by effect of HPV (human papilloma virus). Foot Corns, Warts, Genital Warts (Condyloma), Skin Tags and Plantar Warts and painful Calluses, all those ugly, painful and unpleasant things do not have a chance. This product is absolutely safe and effective with a very small percent of relapse. Be your own pedicure and take care of it all by yourself. The balm exposes very strong keratolytic effect on HPV by using synergy of active, powerful, pure natural ingredients. Houseleek oil (Sempervivum Tektorum), Ivy (Hedera Helix), Wild Peppermint (Menta Piperita) and also Salicylic acid are very efficient in fight against HPV.

Eczema and Psoriasis Cream

Doctor helps, nature heals. This saying is absolutely correct when our cream for psoriasis and eczema is on question. We are introducing to you natural product with unique formula which successfully removes inflammatory process on skin. It owns very strong anti inflammatory, antibacterial effect. It's effect, we can freely say, is magical. It is extremely efficient in healing eczema (dermatitis, which is manifested by redness, itching and dandruff on skin), it is also very efficient in treatment for psoriasis where only after one month of using comes to drastic healing and retreat of sick skin lesions. Acne (puberty rose drops), Skin ulcer, Insect bites, Athletes foot (fungal diseases), are just some of indications which Altsberglotion cream for psoriasis and eczema removes very efficient. It is also very effective in take care of frostbites, because its reinforcements of blood circulation, so it is also good for preventive use when some activities are related with low temperatures, like hikers, hunters, nature lovers etc.

Hemorrhoid Cream

Carefully selected natural ingredients in combination with traditional production, flawless, pure natural supply of raw materials, had to give this cream extraordinary, we can freely say magical togetherness. Therefore this is a cream against hemorrhoids which actually works i.e. it absolutely justifies its name in what is convinced thousands of our satisfied and extremely appreciative users. Altsberglotion-Hemorrhoid cream is a natural product which in synergy of healing plants and herbs successfully removes painful and unpleasant inflammations caused by hemorrhoids.


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Why Altsberglotion?

  • 100% Pure essential oils Natural formula,
  • It's made by Recipe of Highlanders over the centuries,
  • The using is painless,
  • No Irritation and no Scarring
  • There is no need to put bandages on the sore spot,
  • Do not attack healthy tissue and subcutaneous parts,
  • Free from all herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers,
  • Worldwide Free Shipping !

Who and Where?

Plants for making balms are harvested in the village of Mala Lukanja located in the heart of the Old Mountain in the Municipality of Pirot, Serbia, Europe. The balm is made in the mentioned village, on registered agricultural household of Mr. Tomislav Varagic.

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