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Skin represents the biggest organ on a human and it owns not so small number of important functions. One of the main function is to act as first line of defense for various kinds of trauma, cuts and injuries, for prevention of invasion of various bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi. In some measure our skin controls the level of body temperature and for this reason the blood vessels and the tiny blood vessels (capillaries) in the skin respond to expansion or contraction in response to our body with essential need to raise or decrease the temperature.

Human skin retains fluid and allows the sustainability in balance of fluids in our body. The nerve endings in the skin allow the sense of touch by sending messages to our nervous system-the brain.

Everyone in his life has an opportunity to meet with acne, pimples and boils. They are persistent and annoying. Most frequently it appears in adolescence but even older people are not spared of this unpleasant phenomenon. Most commonly they are found on face, however, alas, it does not constitute a rule, and they often can be seen on the chin, forehead, neck, shoulders or on the abdomen, back and buttocks.

Who has predispositions to acne and boils?

Clinical studies have shown that acne and ulcers usually occur on people who have greasy skin, which is the cause of certain hormonal changes. Those hormonal changes most often occurs in adolescence aka puberty. Also, stress and nervousness are very big triggers for acnes and ulcers. Unhealthy, greasy and irregular nutrition is also one important factor. Increased production of male hormones may contribute to more prolonged existence of the problem as well as genetic factors.

On the other hand, the ulcer is an attempt of the body to fight against infection. The infection is usually caused by bacteria called staphylococcus.

Ulcers can grow rapidly, while white or yellowish pus collects under the skin. Usually it forms a top or "head" ulcer, which will then burst, leak and heal. Ulcers usually appears in the neck, chest, face, legs and buttocks areas. The good side of ulcers is that the body on its own is able to cope with the infection. There are ulcers that occur as a consequence of a deeper infections. These are subcutaneous abscesses. Subcutaneous abscesses are commonly found on the back of the neck and below the hairline. They equally occur in women and in men. Never pressure the ulcer which does not drains on itself. Most ulcers burst by itself. You can speed up this process by putting warm, wet compresses, or immerse the body part in warm water for 20 minutes, three or four times a day. When the abscess softens, carefully scrape the tip.

Before and after 2 weeks of use Altsberglotion Product:

Acne Altsberglotion Product

How to prevent showing of acnes and boils?

Pay attention to nutrition in a way that will reduce the intake of fatty and spicy foods, sugar and a variety of sweets. Instead, significantly increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water (min. 2 lit. day) and fruit (unsweetened) juice. Acne can occur when the body keeps accumulating unhealthy food that our organism cannot process and they accumulate in toxins, which then emerge on the surface of the skin.

The basic rule in prevention of the occurrence and the protection of acne is regular, thorough cleaning of the skin, two to three times a day. Whenever you can, put a warm wet towel on your face and keep it for fifteen minutes. In that time the pores will open and the skin will breathe and then you should not wring the pimples or blackheads. Avoid soaps that dry the skin, instead of that, in the morning and evening, rinse your face with warm saline solution, which removes grease without drying out the skin.

Good hygiene can significantly reduce the chance of ulcers. After exercise, bathing or swimming mandatory thoroughly dry the skin. The bacteria that cause ulcers proliferate in hot and sweaty environment. Regularly wash all your clothes. Do not change clothes with anyone. Keep in mind while exercising, to avoid bare skin touch with the equipment.

Taking care of Acne

Acne and boils Altsberglotion Product

There are various treatments and types of treatment against acne and ulcers. Oral antibiotics have been used for years to prevent infections that lead to scars on face. Lotions, creams and gels can help to prevent infection, by dissolving greasy plugs into the hair follicle and thus speed up the healing process. Some medicines against acne are not recommended in pregnancy, so it is important to ask about that problem on time.

Altsberglotion Eczema and Psoriasis Cream is one of the most effective treatments that are implemented in the tacing care of acne and ulcers. Cream has, among other things, a very strong and effective influence on acne and sores. Ihtyol as the main active ingredient in the synergy of various herbs and vitamins has a very powerful effect on the maturation of acne, pimples and boils. The treatment is carried out solely on the diseased areas of the skin once or twice per a day. Rub the cream in a thin layer once before bedtime necessarily, and the results will be visible in only a few weeks.

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