Improper wearing of shoes causes warts on the feet and people with flat soles are particularly prone to them. Plantarswart or ceratodermia are diseases caused by bump of the ceratoid layer of epidermis. Plantarswart are different from most other warts. They tend to be flat and cause the buildup of corns (that has to be peeled away before the plantar wart itself can be seen. Plantar warts may attack blood vessels deep in the skin. They can be quite painful. Predetermined places for plantarswart are small finger, joints and the space between all fingers.

As the pressure of the shoe is more durable, the verruca-plantarswart is deeper. Plantarswart at the intersection looks like a wedge, whose top is pointing towards the interior of the skin, makes the constant pressure on the nerves and causes a finger pain. Plantarswart occur on the soles of the feet and the heel. They are much bigger than corn on your finger and cause more difficulties. Irregularity of joints and even the entire foot are caused by wearing tight shoes with pointed tops and high heels that women usually wear.

Pressures on the inside foot in the area of the thumb joint causes a slimy bag and big pain. A change in the thumb joint is related to this, thumb joint bends and then the plantarswart grows. Bag over the resulting protuberance can be festered. To heal plantarswart, in the first place, you should remove the cause that caused their emergence, that is, in fact, close and uncomfortable shoes. Plantarswart occurs when the fingers rub each other or with the skin is pinched between the bones of your shoes and your feet. They can be hard or soft, and although painful, there are options to facilitate the inconvenience footwarts.

plantarwart treatment

The above-mentioned clinical group (which is much more numerous) is represented by acquired deformities such as flat foot, hollow foot, lowered the cross vaults, the various deformities of the feet, etc. They occur throughout life as a result of genetic predisposition, increased weight, hormonal imbalances, over-load foot-standing (hairdressers, shop assistants, dentists, surgeons, etc..) or walking (older, field workers, walking for recreational purposes, etc..), or as a combinations of many factors.

Verruca - PlantarsWart is the most common perennial problem which Altsberglotion - Corn and Wart Removal successfully removes. In general, 90% of people who contact us for help have the problem with foot warts for over 15 years.

Altsberglotion Process of removing plantarswart has been very successful for many years and is being implemented in the following way:

Remove Plantarswart fast end extremely effective

  • Wash the affected place with warm water and neutral soap.
  • The compound should be applied directly from the bottle or using the ear stick which has cotton wool in the end on the affected tissue and 0.5-1 cm. about it in a thin layer. The compound contains organic solvents, which Uevaporates quickly, and after applying the first layer you should wait 7 - 8 minutes. Let the balm dry and continue with the activities.
  • 12 h after applying the first layer apply a thin layer of balm on the same place. You are applying layer over the layer. Again, wait for 7 - 8 minutes. Let the balm dry and continue with the activities.
  • Repeat the process until the affected place gets 7-8 thin layers (2 times a day, best before bedtime and morning).
  • During this time, the place can be moistened by water but must not be rubbed (brush, sponge, etc..).
  • After 14 days of applying the balm, you have allowed the medicinal substance from balms to do their job. During this time pay attention to the warts; do not attach any plasters, bandages etc. over it. Do not touch it by hands and do not remove the balm!
  • 15th day, in the evening before bedtime put the foot in hot water and hold it 15 minutes. When the skin on the foot softens dry your feet using towel, wipe the plantarswart gently and dig it out with your fingers. It will not hurt!
  • If you remove the sick tissue and find a white spot whose diameter is 3 to 5 mm in the middle of a painful place, you should make a break of 1 to 2 days and repeat the procedure by applying 4 thin layers one over another in one day, and then let the balm act for 10 days. After that, the root will come out and you'll remove it by your fingers. That's because the process exists for a long time, ie. plantarswart root was too deep to remove it by one therapy.

Be persistent and we guarantee safe recovery!