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Hemorrhoids are varicose veins in the anus and they are anal vein plexus disease. They commonly occur in people aged between 25 and 50. The frequency of this disease is two per thousand people. Hemorrhoids are spongy pads that are filled with blood which, together with internal sphincter serve as a nice closing of anal opening and are located at a depth of 4-5 cm. Hemorrhoids may be external and internal.

Description of the Disease:

Hemorrhoids occur as blood coagulation in small superficial veins under the skin near the anus, which causes the formation of growth on the edge of the anus, which may be the size of grains of wheat to a size of a medium large walnut.

These growths make the skin taut and they cause pain, they are often blue color, and they can spontaneously rupture, leading to a greater or lesser bleeding. They usually occur suddenly, almost overnight.

Hemorrhoids (Piles) can be caused by constipation, pregnancy, prolonged sitting or abdominal strain, an exaggeration of food and alcohol, too spicy (hot) dishes, repeated pregnancy, sports that are trauma to anal region (cycling, motorcycling, horseback riding), and anal infection. In severe cases, a surgical intervention is also necessary (laser coagulation of hemorrhoids). This problem can be usually maintained under control with proper diet and supplements.


Altsberglotion - Hemorrhoids Cure

Hemorrhoids (Piles) are usually not dangerous and do not endanger human life. Usually, symptoms disappear within a few days. Some people, who have hemorrhoids, do not have symptoms. The main symptoms of hemorrhoids are:

  • Bleeding (fresh blood in the stool or toilet)
  • Traces of blood on toilet paper
  • Increased anus moistening
  • "Stain" of the underwear
  • Feeling of pressure on the anus
  • Itch
  • Painful swelling and lumps around the anus, composed of coagulated blood. The whole area is sensitive, sore and itchy.

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These symptoms may be caused by other diseases, such as the colon mucosa inflammation or tumorous process. Precisely because of these diseases it is certainly necessary to contact your doctor for an examination because it is the only way to accurately determine the cause of these problems.

Therapy for Hemorrhoids:

Mild cases of hemorrhoids can be solved by consuming large quantities of fluids, a diet reach in fibers and regular maintenance of the hygiene. It is useful to swim in a warm bath or use a bath several times a day, with clean, warm water. Warm compresses of chamomile tea are very pleasant.

Altsberglotion-Hemorrhoids Cream successfully resolves symptoms of hemorrhoids! Pure natural powerful formula exhibits anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and strong analgesic effect. There are NO contraindications.

Therapy with Altsberglotion-Hemorrhoids Cream is implemented as follows:

  • Apply a cream three times a day to affected area. It is necessarily to use it before the sleep.
  • Duration of using this balm is a minimum of ten days.
  • It is not necessary to keep any diet during the implementation of the therapy but the recommendation is to avoid alcohol, spicy and seasoned foods and coffee.
  • If there is bleeding, freely increase the number of coatings.
  • Pay attention to hygiene. Simply forget to use toilet paper during the therapy.