An important group of warts are the so-called pointed warts, genital warts or Condyloma (Condilomata Acuminata) which are resulting effects of certain types of viruses on annogenital area, and very rarely in the oral mucous membrane. The virus is transmitted during sexual intercourse; these warts are most often elongated, they have soft and uneven surface, often hanging on stalk and form groups. HPV infection in women causes changes in the wall of the uterus which is called cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN), which can pass into Cervical cancer.


What is Genital Warts and How to get rid of Genital warts?

Genital Warts are usually flesh colored or grey growths, which usually appear in the genital area, on the penis, scrotum, urethra or anal area of men (around the anus).

Genital Warts in men may not be obvious because it can be very small and hidden under the foreskin of penis. Genital warts may occur as very small blisters. Sometimes it is hard to notice Genital Warts-Condyloma in men, because they are hidden by pubic hair.

Statistics say that in 50% of all people infected with genital warts HPV virus never appears. Sometimes, again, condyloma seems very uncharacteristic. Genitalwarts in men may manifest only as a slightly raised area of skin in the genital area. Genitalwarts comes in various sizes, both alone and in groups.

Genital warts around penis are usually smooth on top, unless if they occure in a group-like cluster. In the vicinity of the anus they are often pointed, arched like fingers. Most of the Genital warts has pearly, but slightly darker apearance (brighter grey colors) and a shape that resembles a cauliflower when they are in a group (cluster). Genital Warts are usually quite raised in relation to the skin, but occasionally appear as slightly noticeable upthrow. You can feel Genital Warts on your skin as a granular substance. In both sexes the problem can also occur around the anus. Pregnant women or patients who have a poor immune system may find the Warts grow more rapidly. In all cases the first signs may not show up for one to six months after the infection. In women the Wart virus sometimes shows up in a PAP smear. Some types of Genital Warts have been linked to cervical cancer.

Symptoms of Genital Warts:

Symptoms of Genital Warts at men:

  • Can occur at any age, although most cases of condyloma recorded in men are between 17 to 33 years, when they are sexually active.
  • Genital Warts are highly contagious.
  • Infection during a single sexual contact with a person who has a Genital Warts is as high as 60%!

The symptoms of Genital Warts at women:

  • Are the same as at men, the difference is:
  • that they occur much more frequently. Venereal Warts can be found in women in the form of spots and blisters on the outside, in the area of the vagina, as well as inside the vagina, inside the labia (lips, large and small).
  • Small blisters can appear deep inside the vagina, which is why the PAP test (pap test) is necessary for women of all ages in order to avoid potential complications that may arise if the disease is not treated properly.

Genital Warts Intervention:

genital warts cure

Altsberglotion successfully resolves Genital Warts problems! Because of the natural organic solvent as a necessary ingredient of the balms, we do not recommend using our product on genital Warts in the mucosa (oral cavity, and inside the vagina). The product is successful and in many cases of using it, external condyloma withdraws for internal. The rationale for taking care of viral Warts is based on the prevention of the spread to other areas of the body or to other people; the prevention of irritation, bleeding and other unwanted local effects of the Wart; cosmetic and social considerations, and the possible association with precancerous lesions known as cervical dysplasia.

Altsberglotion-Genital warts Removal has been very successful for many years and is being implemented in the following way:

  • Wash the affected place with warm water and neutral soap.
  • The compound should be applied directly from the bottle or using the ear stick which has cotton wool in the end on the affected tissue and 0.5-1 cm. about it in a thin layer. The compound contains natural organic solvent, which evaporates quickly, and after applying the first layer you should wait 7-8 minutes. Let the balm dry and continue with the activities.
  • 12 h. after applying the first layer apply a thin layer of balm on the same place. You are applying layer over the layer. Again, wait for 7-8 minutes. Let the balm dry and continue with the activities.
  • Repeat the process until the affected place gets 7-8 thin layers (2 times a day, best before bedtime and morning).
  • During this time, the place can be moistened by water but must not be rubbed (brush, sponge, etc..).
  • After 14 days of applying the balm, you have allowed the medicinal substance from balms to do their job. During this time pay attention to the genital warts; do not attach any plasters, bandages etc. over it. Do not touch it by hands and do not remove the balm.
  • 15th day, in the evening before bedtime, wipe genital warts gently and dig it out with your fingers. It will not hurt!


Include fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds (particularly pumpkin seeds) which will help boost the immune system. Try to avoid saturated fats, fast foods, sugary and processed foods which deplete the body of nutrients. Try to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Try to reduce the intake of caffeine and cola beverages. Try to include fresh fruits and vegetable juices.


Do not have sexual intercourse during while you’re using our product, and use condoms for several months after this process until the Warts have disappeared completely.

We guarantee safe recovery!