Athletes Foot Altsberglotion Product

Athlete's Foot (Tinea Pedis) is pretty tough and extremely unpleasant fungal infection that usually occurs in the area around the toes, feet, but can be expanded to a nail if untreated. Athlete's foot is a very widespread and very common skin infection of the foot and the vast majority of people experience it at least once in their lifetime.

The disease is manifested by the appearance in the form of flaking, scaling and creating rifts in the skin between the toes (especially among the small and ring fingers ). Some people come up with redness, dryness and flaking on the sides of the foot and the sole of the foot. Very common is the feeling of itching and/or annealing on the soles. Rarely comes to the occurrence of intense itching on the inner side of the foot area of the skin with the appearance of fine bubbles.

It should be noted that the similar changes may manifest itself in other foot skin diseases such as contact dermatitis or psoriasis, and for this reason it is recommended before applying any therapy to consult with a dermatologist in order for accurate diagnosis and exclusion of other diseases that may have similar symptoms such as redness, flaking and itching of the skin of the foot.

Fungal infection often covers the toes and nails. In this case, the nail gets a different color, thickening, layered awaits, lose of their luster and sometimes they partially fall. Such changes of nail plates can be caused by injury, aging and the cause can also be psoriasis.

Who has predisposition for fungus on toes and soles?

Athletes Foot Altsberglotion Product

The fungus is very easily transmitted by direct and indirect contact over the edge of the pool, bathroom, shoes, socks and floors in locker rooms (if not wearing slippers ). The risk of illness is not the same for every person exposed to contact with the fungus and it primarily depends on gender, immunity, age of the person as well as the amount and type of fungi that have come in contact with the skin. For appearing and the emergence of fungal infection significantly contributes feet sweating, wearing tight socks from unnatural materials, synthetics, etc. as well as tight shoes and insufficient wiping and drying your feet after swimming, showering or exercising.

The most exposed to fungal diseases are active athletes as well as people who spend too much time in sneakers and other sports or vocational foot wears and also persons with excessive strong, feet sweating.

What is the prevention and what to do to avoid fungus on your toes and soles?

Wash your legs often, minimum once a day. After washing, wipe your foots with a clean towel, especially pay attention on area between fingers of your foots. You should change your socks often and try to wear natural materials. Don't use someone else's foot wear and avoid wearing snickers in every occasion. Wear open sandals during the hot summer months. If you suffer from diabetes you need to pay special attention to your feet, because the infection can get serious shape and then is harder to remove and treat.

Taking care of fungal infection

Athletes Foot Altsberglotion Product

Altsberglotion Eczema and Psoriasis cream with Ihtiol, as the main active ingredient manifest's, among other things, if we can say very magical effect on fungi. The treatment is relatively fast and extremely effective. Lubrication in a thin layer and nice rubbing of damaged skin region 1-2 times a day, for just a few weeks leads to unbelievable drastic improvement. Itching, flaking and peeling disappear and your skin gets a healthy and normal appearance.

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