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Select the Best Skin Doctor

Skin is an important organ of our body and it is responsible for excretion of toxins from body. It acts as an important barrier against various harmful external stimuli like germs and infections. Skin doctors are often referred to as dermatologists. People who are suffering any type of skin infection or problems can approach professional skin doctor, before the problem aggravates.

How do skin doctors diagnose a skin condition?

They are skilled professionals who accurately diagnose a patient’s skin condition. Their diagnosis procedure starts with examining the skin and also taking into consideration several healthy symptoms.

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treat skin diseases

Much as 80 percent of young aged between 12 and 24 suffer from acne, a minimum of 30 percent of adults had nettle rash at least once in their lives, researchers say.

The most common skin diseases include Seborrheic dermatitis, Eczema, Rosacea andHPV infection....

Number of people that suffer from skin diseases a permanent increase, therefore, contribute most to continuous stress, environmental pollution, and excessive usage of cosmetics.

"If the person often apply a thicker layer of cream, can occur skin occlusion and reduce her defensive power!" researchers say.

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high heels spine demages

 Modern, attractive and of course high heels are an imperative of good looks, glamor and attraction in women. However, the female population is not aware that this fashion trend is causing a major problem that often impair their health.

Long-term wear high heels, especially if it's a daily practice, it can cause pain in the knees, back, neck, ingrown nails, knuckles, and permanent deformities of the feet and spine.

Any heel higher than two inches is a health hazard, a recent study in the UK showed that all women who wear high heels intense suffering pains.

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too much smoke and drink

Forensic scientist specializing in aging, Robert Nair made a little experiment with journalist Anna Maggie and showed her how to make her skin look ten years after active smoking, improper diet and excesses in drink.

Although the rule is that two glasses of wine have beneficial effects on the heart and blood vessels, if you consume two glasses of wine a day for ten years, you'd have so many signs of aging on the face. So, botox would not be able to help you. At the sight of predicting how it will look in ten years, Anna Maggie (40) decided to suspend all their bad habits.

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fungal infection

When in the spring for the first time put on your sandals notice many changes in the skin between the fingers, around the nails or the whole foot. For while their foot was warm and tucked in deep shoes, fungi have settled and caused a yeast infection.

The most common parasite that causes unpleasant symptoms candida, which causes most populous infection known as athlete's foot. The infection is mainly localized between the third and fourth, or fourth and fifth toes, but can be extended to the soles of the feet and nails:

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dangerous tattoo

Mottled body with various motifs is fashionable. Everyone wants to have a sign tattooed on their body or body piercings. On the beaches and streets can be seen pretty body pictures differently nuanced. Discrete drawings can be seen on particular points, and the piercing jewelry is almost everywhere may hook.

National Association of Dermatology in France announced that tattoos were permanent, were temporary, is not harmless, and the public is invited to watch the final decision before the tattooing. When someone decides to do a tattoo and piercing, he should be aware of a health complications that can arise.

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see your doctor if you dare

Hirsutism, bad breath, profuse sweating, vaginal discharge, hemorrhoids, piles that do not pass...
Although widespread, and often easily curable, the symptoms are persistently ignored because people are too embarrassed to talk about them and visit their doctor is not it occur.

In the UK felt that the topic deserves a TV program in the sequels. They called it "Inconvenient Ailments" and show it in prime evening on the British Channel 4. Starring three young doctors, in the spirit of the title, each episode deals ailment that affects all, but most of you will not admit to themselves, let alone others. Doctors, however, and therefore serve: listen to us and suggest a solution. Here are a few major "accident" for which we are ashamed, supplemented by appropriate medical advice and treatment.

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quickie sex repent at leisure

Well-known company for intimate care "Wet" was commissioned and conducted extensive research on the topic: When women would prefer to spend the night with someone they do not know? The results of this study were very unexpected, and they say that after several days of business seminars and business trips, New Year's Eve is a time and place when women will prefer to engage in sexual contact with a person whom they do not know. Even for thirty-three percent of the surveyed women, New Year and Christmas parties are the right places for having one night sex.

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Ezema and no soap bathing

Eczema, also called Atopic Dermatitis is a very common skin disease. It is believed that 20 percent of children under five years of age are diagnosed with eczema. Comforting is the fact that after the fifth year in half of patients with changes resolved and the very small number are retained into adulthood.
Eczema is actually an inflammation of the skin emerged as exaggerated immune response to various external and internal factors.

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tight jeans

Clothing, footwear and fashion accessories that are too narrow or too wide, or too heavy can cause health problems, according to Wall Street Journal. Although, of course, the clothes we wear today is not like the uncomfortable corsets from Victorian times, which broke his ribs and caused relocation of internal organs or binding of the feet of Chinese girls, sometimes we are not aware of the trouble that can cause clothes.

Not only cause pressure on the nerves, tight jeans can affect the digestive system. It is found that middle-aged men suffer from discomfort, constipation and heartburn in adbominalnom area.