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pso and personality

How to Overcome the Consequences?

The fact is, Psoriasis both on the invisible and on the visible parts of the body which are highly expressed, for the patient is causing discomfort, a feeling of shame which eventually leads to change of the mood antisocial behavior and in the end, and unfortunately to violating the psychological state of patients in general.

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infections and infertility

Infertility is now part of our everyday life and is one of the leading public health problems faced by increasing number of people. Before detailed examination of all possible causes of infertility, it would certainly exclude hidden infection.

Infertility and Lifestyle

Infertility can cause metabolic, immune, endocrine, mechanical and many others disorders in the orderly functioning of our body. Strong influence on fertility also has a way of life - difficult submission of daily stress, poor diet, alcohol, smoking, a number of psychological problems, including excessive intake of certain medications. But one of the main causes are often unfairly overlooked, such as infections.

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hpv infections

Application of new DNA tests, which searches for the virus is responsible for most cases of cervical cancers, is useful for all women aged 30 years and older, as they can prevent more cases of cancer than taking the smear for the Papanikolau test, it’s said by the experts of University Medical Center in Amsterdam.

In most cases of infection with HPV, which is transmitted through sexual intercourse, the immune system successfully overcomes, but the persistent infection with of this virus types may lead to Cervical Cancer.

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genital warts in pregnancy

In most cases, genital warts will not affect the pregnancy. Your doctor may need to supervise you more often and to recommend the appropriate therapy if it is needed.
If you have genital warts and get pregnant, tell your doctor immediately, because there is a risk of transmitting the HPV virus (which causes Condyloma) on your newborn during vaginal delivery.

How Warts do Affect During Pregnancy?

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get rid of genital warts

Burning, itching, redness of the Genitals area?!  What Has Happened?

This question you asked yourself at least once in your life, surely you have not had a response...Fear, worry, and a sense of shame you were forced to pass to itself, without the knowledge of parents, partners, comrades. The problem was only yours and you chose the time, place and manner to seek advice on how to tingling, itching, and redness as soon pass and that all goes well... And if you would be so, and what if it does complicate?

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oral sex and hpv

Two-thirds of cancerous tumors in the middle pharynx are caused by HPV, which comes to the throat as a result of oral sex, researchers say.
Cigarette smoking will cause many forms of cancer.

This is definitely known, of course, when it comes to cigarettes, but scientists now report that this is actually the case with oral sex. Based on a study by the conducted by scientists from the University of Ohio State, even 64% of cases of cancer of the pharynx secondary cause human papilloma virus (HPV), which so far comes almost exclusively oral sex.