Anal Fissures Altsberglotion Product

Anal fissure (Fisura ani) is by definition a wound, crack, muscle tear (of sphincter) on the final part of the anus. The causes that lead to this very unpleasant and painful diseases are primarily very hard stool, constipation and significantly straining at stool, then chronic diarrhea, inflammatory processes of the final part of the colon, engaging in anal intercourse, and other inflammatory diseases that can be spread to this part of the body.

Symptoms of Anal fissures are intense, dull pain as stinging inside the anus which usually occurs immediately, during, and after emptying and that lasts for several hours. The appearance of red, bright blood in the stool and toilet paper as well as intense itching and irritation of the anus are also symptoms which are present when it comes to anal fissure. In the mentioned region often can be found growths in a form of a pea, which painfully reacts to touch and they are bleeding sometimes.

Reply to mention pain in patients causes intense fear of doing great necessity, and therefore in addition to urge, the patient does not have the courage for the said activity and thus exacerbates their condition.

Who has predispositions for anal fissures?

Anal fissure is most common in people at middle age, but is also present at very small children, and so even a baby in diapers, where the cause is assumed to be moist environment of the diaper. In the elderly, anal fissure occurs due to constipation i.e. problems with constipation, as well as due to problems with reduced blood flow in the anal region. It can occur after childbirth in women, probably because of straining.

What is the prevention and what to do to prevent occurrence of anal fissure?

Anal Fissures Altsberglotion Product

The prevention of occurrence of anal fissure is before all in the way of nutrition. Therefore, the use of " buckets " in the diet without too fat and strong spices, avoiding alcohol, carbonated drink, strong physical stress as well as sitting so long are priorities in the prevention of the occurrence of this unpleasant disease. Consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables, eating fibrous foods, movement and moderate physical activities are the best prevention for maintaining the general condition of the body but also the prevention for anal fissures.

Taking care of anal fissure

Anal Fissures Altsberglotion Product

Immersion in warm water for about 15 minutes, several times a day, especially after a bowel movement will help to relax the anal sphincter. You do not need to use the baths and soaps, as they can cause irritation. We highly recommend the use of Altsberglotion Hemorrhoids Cream which consists, among other things, a solution of Boric acid which is otherwise non-toxic and has the function of collecting and strengthening the damaged muscle fibers, then St. John's wort extract, calendula and yarrow, and Povidone Iodine which has strong antiseptic effect. This balm is absolutely natural, harmless, and extremely effective.

Please note that if the person has chronic anal fissure type, if not treated in time, surgical intervention and assists physicians-surgeons is the ultimate solution!

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