Corn and Wart Remover

Corn & Wart Remover
Corn & Wart Remover
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Straight from nature at your service. Natural product for treating changes on skin which are caused by effect of HPV (human papilloma virus). Corns and Calluses, Warts, Skin Tags, Genital Warts, and painful calluses. All those ugly, painful and unpleasant things do not have a chance. This product is absolutely safe and effective with a very small percent of relapse. Be your own pedicure and try this at home.

How does this balm work and what are the main ingredients?

The balm exposes very strong keratolytic effect on HPV by using synergy of active, powerful, pure natural ingredients. Houseleek oil (Sempervivum Tektorum), Ivy (Hedera Helix), Wild Peppermint (Menta Piperita) and also Salicylic acid are very efficient in fight against HPV. The essential of the cream is natural cellulose which is dissolved in an organic solvent, and it actually fixes the curative effect of the herbs on the problematic area and also disables oxygen supply to the virus, what is the more important thing for its elimination.

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What are the advantages over the other products?

Searching results showed that Altsberglotion-Corns and Warts Remover , has strong keratolytic effect on HPV virus. A significant retreat and regeneration of skin lesions was noticed on persons who have used this balm for at least 7 days by following enclosed instructions. The difference from other products and methods is that after applying the balm there is no need for putting any kind of bandage. On that way there is no additional pressure on the affected area which could cause additional pain. There is no bandages of any kind and therefore you can freely wash the area.

Altsberglotion–Corns and warts Remover does not attacks and does not harm to healthy tissue. This balm is not a cosmetic product and from that reason you do not have to rub it or apply it on healthy skin but even thought that happens accept mild irritation there is no other reaction.

It is relatively cheaper in comparison to other products. Having in mind the efficient of the cream in fight against HPV virus, ratio price/quality and its efficient gives this cream noticeable advantage in comparison to all competitive products and methods in elimination of the virus.

Before and Two weeks after:

How to use the balm? What are the instructions? How long does the using lasts?

The essence of the using is that there is no difference in the kind of problem, foot corn, genital wart, plantar wart, all those unpleasant things have to be done without interruption, continuously covering with the balm in exact and same period of time. That comes from a reason that it needs time for the cream to do its job-to ELIMINATE HPV virus!

Water, wetting, showering and washing does not bother to the balm. You can normally keep your personal hygiene, but you should pay attention on the places which you have threatened. When we say that what we actually mean is that you have to avoid rubbing the affected area with your hands or a sponge. You can normally wash those areas but carefully.

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Does HPV comme back after the treatment?

The difference from standard, usual methods in treatment of viral keratosis like freezing with liquid nitrogen, removal by laser or removing by electrical coagulation is that the virus is removing only from the skin surface and in case of Altsberglotion corns and warts removal is that the balm penetrates deep into the skin tissue and the body itself. We have to mention that over 95% of world population is carrying the HPV virus in their bodies, and factors for appearing this virus on the skin are numerous:

  • Loss of immunity (post operative conditions or general weakness of the body caused due to the effects of illness or other factors)
  • External mechanical effect (the pressure of tight and uncomfortable shoes and also wearing shoes of unnatural materials)
  • External exposure to the virus (wet edges of swimming pools, touch with fresh meat of infected animals to what are particularly exposed butchers and workers in slaughter houses)
  • Transferring from one place to another on the same person (autoinoculation); during shaving, wiping your skin with a towel etc.
  • Transmitting by touch from person to person.

So, this balm permanently removes HPV virus from threatened area. It is possible to relapse on some other place but if you follow the instructions properly the chances for that are minimum.

What is important to know and What you should pay attention?

The most important thing when you use Altsberglotion-HPV corns and warts removal is that this is not a cosmetic product, this is a strong, aggressive but pure natural product for efficient and fast removal of viral changes on skin, which are created because of influence of HPV virus. So pay attention on following:

  • You should only treat skin damaged area which are infected with the virus
  • Avoid eye contact! If that happens, wash your eye with cold water and ask your doctor for help.
  • If it comes to pretty strong burning, pain or itchiness after applying the balm, stop using it! put off the balm from skin and put some moisturizing cream on the spot.
  • This product is forbidden if the person has diabetes. Also for persons who have problems with circulation in lower extremities.
  • It is not recommended for persons under the age of 7.
  • It is not recommended for pregnant women. The effect on fetus is unknown and for that reason is not recommended for using.
Altsberglotion Corns and Warts Remover

About indications, precautions, and adverse reactions, consult with your doctor or pharmacist.

Other notes:

  • Validity date is 90 days from the bottle opening
  • External use only by following enclosed instructions. Flammable, contains organic solvents.
  • Keep balm on dark, dry place away from children.
  • Package: Glass bottle 15ml
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Why Altsberglotion?

  • 100% Pure essential oils Natural formula,
  • It's made by Recipe of Highlanders over the centuries,
  • The using is painless,
  • No Irritation and no Scarring
  • There is no need to put bandages on the sore spot,
  • Do not attack healthy tissue and subcutaneous parts,
  • Free from all herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers,
  • Worldwide Free Shipping !

Who and Where?

Plants for making balms are harvested in the village of Mala Lukanja located in the heart of the Old Mountain in the Municipality of Pirot, Serbia, Europe. The balm is made in the mentioned village, on registered agricultural household of Mr. Tomislav Varagic.

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