Skin tag removal

Skin Tags on the eye or body, (Fibroma) are common benign skin growths that look like small pieces of skin hangings. Skin changes are usually described as bitted or colored skin or skin that rises from the thin circular shape that looks like a small narrow stalk.

Places where skin tags typically appear are:

  • Neck
  • Armpits
  • Forearms
  • Eyelids
  • and the area of skin below the breast

Although pigmented skin changes can sometimes vary in appearance, they are usually smooth or slightly wrinkled and irregular, flesh-colored and usually slightly brown color with a small stalk. Early or initial skin tag can be as small as the point about inflated arched door. On the contrary, a leather hanging fibroma can be as big as a large cluster.

Where does Skin Tag appear?

Skin tag, Fibroma tongue or Skin Growth can appear anywhere on the skin. However, the most common appearance is on eyelids, neck, armpits, the upper part of the torso (especially under the breasts for women) and the groin region. While the classic leather skin tag is very typical in appearance and appears in specific locations (neck, eyes and loins) there are some growth that may appear on other sites.

Who has a predisposition for Skin Tags?

Approximately half of the population occasionally has skin tags. Although skin tag are usually acquired (they are not present at birth) and can occur in anyone, they are much more frequently encountered in adults, especially in people who are older than 60 years. Children and small children who are learning to walk can also develop fibrroma molle on the forearms and neck. However, it is much more likely to occur in areas of friction or rubbing of the skin. The presence of skin tag is a characteristic of corpulent people.

Is Skin tag a tumor?

Skin tag have a type of benign tumor growth and there are no medical cases that they can pass into cancer if they are left auntreated.

Which Problems does the Skin Tag Cause?

remove skin tags

Fibroma on neck These tiny skin growths usually do not cause symptoms unless they are constantly irritated with a collar or in the groin. Removal to improve the cosmetic appearance is perhaps the most common reason for removal. Skin tag should be removed if they are irritated and become very red color of blood and black of the twisting and subsequent death of skin tissue(necrosis). Occasionally they may be hurt by clothing, jewelry, pets or seat belt causing pain and discomfort. All in all, they are growing benign changes with no malignant potential.

How to Remove Skin Tags?

There are several effective medical ways to remove skin tags, including surgical removal (aplanation) freezing liquid oxygen and burning (the use of medical electrical cauter). There is also a way to take care of it at home, including tying a small fraction skin tags with silk or dental thread and leave it tied for a few days.

Should Skin Tag be sent to Pathology?

The most typical small leather skin tag can be removed without sending it on a microscopic tissue examination. However, the existence of higher or atypical growths that needs to be removed and sent to pathology to ensure that the tissue is actually a fibroma and nothing else. Skin changes or appearance of blood and secretions on skin tag that are changing rapidly may also be sent to pathological research. There are some extremely rare discoveries of skin cancer data in leather fibromima.

Can We Make a distinction between Skin Tags and Warts?

Tend to be rough with an irregular surface in contrast to the skin tags, which are usually smooth. Warts tend to be flat while skin tags are more branched. While warts are completely caused by HPV (human papilloma virus) skin tags are only rarely associated with human papilloma virus, HPV. Groin and genital lesions that are similar to skin fibromima can really be genital warts or condyloma. Biopsy may help diagnose whether these skin growths are really skin tag and whether HPV caused them.

Does Altsberglotion Products remove Skin Tags ?

We have already noted that skin tags are sometimes associated with human papilloma virus, HPV. Altsberglotion as a strong keratolitic will show excellent results while consuming it, and skin tags will be removed if:

  • molesThey are skin tag, not moles, (epidermal and dermal NEVUSS)
  • Moles of combined neural and connective tissue. (neurofibroma)
  • The best solution is to consult a doctor who would diagnose you the exact type of growths and possible causes of their emergence.
  • If you have skin tags caused human papilloma virus HPVthen the treatment with Altsberglotion is extremely power effective.

How to Treat Skin Tags With the Altsberglotion Product>

The procedure is carried out absolutely identical to the procedure for removing warts. (an explanation of the procedure has been given on the page for warts), but if you are applying Altsberglotion Products on eye skin tags make sure that it does not come into contact with the eyes because of the presence of acetone. If you put some balm into the eye, send a strong jet of water and seek professional medical advice. Please note that if you use this product on skin tags that are on the neck, armpit region or face, it may come to the occurrence of burning for this reason that the skin is thin in these places. The intensity of the reactions is individual because the skin of the patient is individual. In very few cases it can cause complications in a patient as irritation, redness and swelling, etc.. In this case, stop applying the product.


  • Skin tags are common but harmless skin growths.
  • Regularly can be found on the eyelids, neck, chest, armpits and groin.
  • Ways to take care of skin tags are freezing, surgical removal with scalpel, removal with electrocauter, independently elimination by binding thread, and Altsberglotion if the cause of their emergence is HPV.