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Two-thirds of cancerous tumors in the middle pharynx are caused by HPV, which comes to the throat as a result of oral sex, researchers say.
Cigarette smoking will cause many forms of cancer.

This is definitely known, of course, when it comes to cigarettes, but scientists now report that this is actually the case with oral sex. Based on a study by the conducted by scientists from the University of Ohio State, even 64% of cases of cancer of the pharynx secondary cause human papilloma virus (HPV), which so far comes almost exclusively oral sex.

When it comes to throat cancer, oral sex is, according to the same survey nearly twice as dangerous than cigarettes. Long-term monitoring groups of established a clear link between the incidence of oral sex and cancer of the oral cavity. For tumors that arise in this part of the body have so far been exclusively blamed cigarettes.

Most at risk are those with six or more oral partners and couples who are long time together and mutually practiced oral sex, as this action each other constantly transmit the virus.

Scientists, therefore, reccomendet abstinence from oral sex. If, however, belong to those persons whose satisfaction more important than health, there are two  methods prevention of oral HPV infection. One circumcision penis and other use of condoms.

Yes, that is your choice.