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In most cases, genital warts will not affect the pregnancy. Your doctor may need to supervise you more often and to recommend the appropriate therapy if it is needed.
If you have genital warts and get pregnant, tell your doctor immediately, because there is a risk of transmitting the HPV virus (which causes Condyloma) on your newborn during vaginal delivery.

How Warts do Affect During Pregnancy?

The Mother is naturally concerned about anything that could harm her baby. That is not an exception here either. Fortunately, in most cases Condyloma do not cause any problems for the baby or the mother during pregnancy.

Here, We will focus on:

1.The consequences of the previous occurrence of genital warts;

2.The potential consequences of condyloma on the mother;

.The potential consequences of genital warts during pregnancy on unborn baby;>

Previous occurrence of genital warts and pregnancy

If you have had genital warts in the past and your condition stabilized (whether they disappeared over time or as a result of treatment), it is unlikely that they will come back during pregnancy. You still need to tell your doctor that monitors your pregnancy if you had genital warts in the past.

Condylomas During Pregnancy: What are the Consequences to the Mother?

There are no studies which would show that the development of condyloma during pregnancy increases the risk to occur an abortion, premature birth, preeclampsia or any other complication. For women who were diagnosed with conyloma during pregnancy, their doctor will carefully monitor the situation, although he may not recommend a treatment, given the fact that the genital warts after treatment during pregnancy may go back faster than normally would. However, they usually begin to disappear themselves immediately after delivery. If therapy is recommended, a few different options are possible.

In certain cases, genital warts can cause difficulties during pregnancy. For example, genital warts can become larger and they may bleed. Growth of condyloma can complicate urination. If the were diagnosed inside the vagina, they can make the vagina less elastic, or to block the birth canal. If this occurs, delivery by Caesarean section may have become necessary. However the existence of genital warts is not the only reason for caesarean section.

The scientists are not sure why the genital warts become larger during pregnancy. Hormones and changes of immune system could play an important role in all of that.

Genital Warts During Pregnancy: Consequences for a Child?

Genital Warts are as we said at the beginning are caused by the HPV. For a woman with Genital Warts (condyloma) during delivery, there is a very little risk to transmit the HPV virus to her baby during vaginal delivery. Fortunately, even if it is transmitted, the most of the babies have no consequences. In rare cases, the baby who is exposed to genital warts may develop warts in the throat (laryngeal papillomas, juvenile papillomatosis, laryngeal papillomas). Although is rare, this is potentially a very dangerous for the baby's life because it prevents breathing and requires frequent laser treatments so the baby could breathe freely. These warts can be formed in a child up to 5 years of age.

Because of the small risk that the virus is transmitted by vaginal delivery, as well as an increased risk of the surgical procedure, cesarean section is usually recommended only to pregnant women who have complicated cases Condyloma.

Treatment of Genital Warts

The treatment of of Genital Warts, what is actually means removing of Condyloma is quite successful, but it there is no medicine that will successeful eliminate the virus from the yours body. In most of the cases, the body eventually clean the virus it self. Although the virus that causes Condyloma can not be removed, unless the body eventually deal with it, the removing of Condyloma quite simple and there is a balm that turned out to be extremely effective and quite safe because it is compiled with 100% pure essential oils Natural formula.

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