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Mottled body with various motifs is fashionable. Everyone wants to have a sign tattooed on their body or body piercings. On the beaches and streets can be seen pretty body pictures differently nuanced. Discrete drawings can be seen on particular points, and the piercing jewelry is almost everywhere may hook.

National Association of Dermatology in France announced that tattoos were permanent, were temporary, is not harmless, and the public is invited to watch the final decision before the tattooing. When someone decides to do a tattoo and piercing, he should be aware of a health complications that can arise.

Complications that can occur?

-Tattoo complications can be allergic type reaction to the used pigments. Some pigments contain metal salts, which are allergens to sensitive people, and can cause allergic contact dermatitis occurrence.

An ink blue color is obtained, since cobalt salt is obtained indigo blue color, Since chromium salt is obtained green, will the yellow color is obtained through cadmium salt etc... Therefore, the changes that occur due to allergic sensitization can occur immediately after the tattoo, and sometimes, even after several years.

How do these changes manifest themselves?

-At first of all there is redness that cause itching and then the tiny bubbles that appear after spraying leaves small scabs on tattoos. Because of the strong itch and scratches appear, the possible occurrence of secondary bacterial infection. Infection is a serious condition, followed by painful swelling, suppuration, and fever. However, infections are more specific to piercing than a tattoo.


-Because of the sensitive body areas where typically the piercing and jewelry for which it is used. The body area for piercing are: the ears, nose, lips, cheeks, tongue, eyebrows, nipples, navel, and genitals. Jewelry is usually made of steel, niobium, titanium or gold. If the jewelry is made from nickel, contact allergic reactions are common. The skin is usually drilled needles for ear piercing guns are special. In any event, time of healing after piercing the skin of half a year to a year!

Are there any other complications that result from this kind of embellishment?

-If the tattoo or piercing is not performed in sterile conditions with sterile instruments, may result in transmission of different viruses. Of course, assuming that the instrument left a trail of blood infected person who had previously undergone these treatments. This is the easiest way to transfer the highly resistant HPV virus, which causes hand warts and body skin tags. Science has seen cases in which people are at each injection site appeared viral common warts caused by the human papillomavirus.

How to treat common warts?

The best way to remove common viral warts on body or your feet is to use Altsberglotion Corns and Warts Removal. The warts treatment is very strong and powerful effective. Read more..

A tattoo should not apply to people who suffer from chronic skin diseases such as psoriasis and vitiligo. Dermatologists just remind that these colors can cause eczema, skin sarcoidosis and other diseases, or an allergic reaction (itching, redness, swelling at the tattoos). More for chronic skin disease read more...

On the way to the protection of the person concerned?

-If someone decides to have a tattoo or piercing, you should be good to ask where is the safest place to do it. If there are no licensed activities, the person himself has to check whether the place for tattoos and piercings using pigment containers disposable, to reduce the risk of getting an infection from another person. It is important to know that you are using for each tattoo sterile needles, whether in the shop has an autoclave sterilizer and whether it is really needle sterilized after each use, and whether the use of protective gloves while working.