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Hirsutism, bad breath, profuse sweating, vaginal discharge, hemorrhoids, piles that do not pass...
Although widespread, and often easily curable, the symptoms are persistently ignored because people are too embarrassed to talk about them and visit their doctor is not it occur.

In the UK felt that the topic deserves a TV program in the sequels. They called it "Inconvenient Ailments" and show it in prime evening on the British Channel 4. Starring three young doctors, in the spirit of the title, each episode deals ailment that affects all, but most of you will not admit to themselves, let alone others. Doctors, however, and therefore serve: listen to us and suggest a solution. Here are a few major "accident" for which we are ashamed, supplemented by appropriate medical advice and treatment.

1. - Hirsutism

Expectancy for men, for women this is not the case, not at all. The larger number of hairs in sensitive areas such as the areola to the breast, thorax, face and the line connecting the umbilicus to pubis called hirsutizam. Women with black hair, dark complexion, this phenomenon is quite normal. In other cases suggest that something was wrong.

Hormonal disorders and irregular cycles - Hirsutizam depends on the characteristic hormonal stirrings of adolescence or menopause, when it might have been expected. In the case of polycystic ovary syndrome (a number of cysts on the ovaries) or irregular menstrual cycle becomes an alarm bell. If a sudden increase in hairiness, and not tied to a specific cause (taking hormones, pregnancy), you must contact an endocrinologist. The disorder may indicate adrenal malfunction.

Hair removal as the only solution - If the cause of other diseases hair growth, explore that and start treatment. Hormonal changes require treatment based on hormones (progesterone pills, for example). In all other cases, waxing is the only cure.

2. - Bad breath

Breath does not smell pleasant spoil relations, difficult conversation in a public place and creates uncertainty. This phenomenon is known as halitosis and can be a symptom of various diseases and ailments from disrupting the work of the digestive tract.
In addition to taking a medical history, the doctor may perform a quick inspection of the oral cavity. Sometimes bad breath is a common consequence of cavities and bubbles appear on the inner lining. It is sufficient, therefore, to go to the dentist to fix rotten teeth or take a few days to withdraw ulcers. Aloe Vera gel reduces pain and speeds healing. If halitosis monitor twinge or sensation in the stomach, gastritis is likely then to be done gastroscopy. In therapy products are used to protect the lining of the stomach and regulates the secretion of stomach acid (proton pump inhibitors).

Excess of fermented foods - Sometimes the consequences of halitosis intestinal fermentation, common in those who go too far with mature cheeses and baked goods that fill hose yeast. Therefore, the main advice is to limit your intake of these foods not only but also sugar, wine and spirits, cider and other fermented products, especially when they contain yeast. Instead, eat fruits and vegetables (regulates bowel movements) and drink plenty of water and tea with mint. Fennel seeds help it maintains fresh breath, and do not burden the stomach. It is very important and good oral hygiene.

3. - Dandruff on your jacket

Next prevalent and unpleasant phenomenon is dandruff in the form of "snow" on the jacket. Fault may be the result of bad habits, a symptom of serious illness such as seborrheic dermatitis or a secondary effect of other troubles, such as baldness. In most cases, we recommend going to a dermatologist.

Without a great shampoo foam - Use a shampoo that is pH respect the skin, somewhere between 4 and 6. Those with a lot of foam dehydrates the skin of the head, causing inflammation and - that's dandruff! Should also be avoided using a fan, air dryer to dry the hair or keep at least 15 cm away from the head, always in the first (ie, slower) speed.

Eat more fish and eggs - Dandruff occurs due to the lack of keratin, a protein that strengthens the skin cells. Enhances the production of keratin diet rich in meat, fish, liver, eggs and legumes. Your doctor may suggest a supplement based on keratin hair for faster recovery.

4. - Hemorrhoids (Piles), which does not disappear

First place among the formidable struggles take Hemorrhoids (piles), to three "pillows woven" of blood vessels in the anal canal. Haemorrhoidal disease occurs when there is a weakening, stretching and tearing of connective tissue, so the pads down and eventually appear outside the anal canal.
The causes are different: chronic constipation, straining during defecation, stress, anxiety, genetic factors, aging, prolonged sitting, the pressure of the fetus on the pelvic blood vessels during pregnancy.

Blood, Pain and Burning - The most common symptoms are bleeding, burning and / or anal prolapse and hemorrhoids pain during defecation. Combination of symptoms so unpleasant that most patients the doctor usually hushed.
It is a mistake for two reasons:
First: The problem is in most cases easily kept under control;
Second: The condition worsens over time and requires invasive intervention.

More water, fiber, and motion - In order to "silence" hemorrhoids, constipation be prevented without abusing laxatives. Assists and a diet rich in water and fiber from fruits and vegetables. Preferred by regular physical activity, such as light walking every other day, to strengthen muscles and better bowel movements.

Do not put Ice! - In the case of acute crisis (when a blood!), It is better not to put the ice that causes muscle spasms which piles of crumbling, and the situation is deteriorating. Warm baths help to facilitate the flow of venous blood.
Altsberglotion - Hemorrhoids Cure is a great solution that will actually solve your problems and troubles with Piles. Pain, Bleeding, Burning and Itching disappear very quickly, and you will also feel the unseen relief. Read more Here!

5. - Profuse Sweating

We all sweat, especially in summer or during physical activity. Nothing strange: it is a sign that the body is working properly! The body, however, sometimes produce confusing excess sweat. A medical dictionary that is hyperhidrosis, ailments caused a specific disease (obesity, for example), hormonal disorders or strong stress. It happens to sweat and for no apparent reason. Today, fortunately, there are effective products that protect against unfortunate phenomenon called "sweaty by the end."
Synthetic clothing which generates heat should be replaced by clothing made of cotton and linen that does not stick to the skin.

We recommend waxing your armpits (recommended for men, too): hair retain bacteria and odor. Help comes from the food you limit the intake of foods that increase internal heat, such as red meat, fatty cheeses, alcoholic beverages, butter and fried foods. Careful with pasta and if you do not have regular physical activity when carbohydrates are easy to melt. Foods rich in sugars, producing energy and automatically increases the temperature. The only cure for a get rid of sweating is sympathectomy, an operation in which the surgeon destroys nerve "blame" for sweating.

6. - Malodorous Secretions

Usually invisible, vaginal secretions are very boring and unpleasant, as the outbreak spreads from wet unbearable smell. It is a phenomenon that should not get neglected because they often hide the disease. Secretions may be due to poor living conditions, and wrong habits. These disorders, for example causing too aggressive intimate deodorants because it changes the vaginal flora (set of bacteria that live there and take care to protect). Infection of the reproductive organs and difficult births affect the increased secretion of mucus.

Life without powder and sanitary napkins - The most effective are pH neutral, preferably antiseptic (prevents microbial growth) detergents intimate body parts, for example, based on milk or lactic acid.
Rinse water should be cool: cold reduces inflammation, itching and burning, which are frequent companions of excretion.
It is important to first wash the vaginal region, and then the anal part to prevent the migration of bacteria. At the end of the place washed carefully wiped with cotton towel.

Here are a few basic rules. Sanitary pads used only when necessary. Avoid too tight pants and underwear from synthetics because they irritate the "critical" zone (always better cotton that allows the skin to breathe). Not recommended or use of talc in the genital area in order to achieve a sense of freshness: when lining absorbs moisture, and talk to irritate skin thickens.