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Clothing, footwear and fashion accessories that are too narrow or too wide, or too heavy can cause health problems, according to Wall Street Journal. Although, of course, the clothes we wear today is not like the uncomfortable corsets from Victorian times, which broke his ribs and caused relocation of internal organs or binding of the feet of Chinese girls, sometimes we are not aware of the trouble that can cause clothes.

Not only cause pressure on the nerves, tight jeans can affect the digestive system. It is found that middle-aged men suffer from discomfort, constipation and heartburn in adbominalnom area.

This causes all of the possible occurrence of hemorrhoids in ano genital area.

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The diagnosis can be easily determined by comparing the range between the waist and the pants. If the difference is less than 7.5 cm, then there is a "tight pants syndrome." Often warns that tight jeans can cause back pain, fungal infections, and in some cases lipoatrophy semicircularis, the situation around the thighs when lesions appear horizontal. 


Do you have headaches, blurred vision, tingling feeling around the ears, especially when you are in office? Narrow collars on shirts and ties may be, to slow circulation to the brain and increase the intraocular pressure, a risk factor for glaucoma, experts warn. One study found that 67 percent of men buy shirts with collars are narrower than their necks. Hardcoded ties can increase the back and shoulders tension, and as they washed less frequently than other pieces of clothing, can be a source of infections.
Some U.S. hospitals have been requested by their physicians not to wear a tie.

75 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size, experts warn. Excessive bra provides no support for the chest, resulting in back and chest pain, and one size smaller than the corresponding etched into the skin. Fertility experts advise men who want to become parents do not spend much time in tight underwear, which raises the temperature of the testicles and reduced sperm production.

Allergies to certain fabrics are rare but more likely to occur when wearing synthetic fabrics than wool, cotton or silk. For skin diseases such as Psoriasis or Eczema is strictly prohibited and wearing synthetic fabrics. Wash new clothes more than once before the first use. 

Heels over two inches blame for the appearance of planterswart, corns, callusus and foot deformities. They can also be caused Morton Neuroma (nerve damage between the toes), and extinction of small foot bones due to poor circulation. After years of wearing high heels, some women have been observed to be shortened Achilles tendon, which is why it has become extremely uncomfortable wearing flat shoes. Remove Foot corns and Calluses. Flip flops choes are even worse because they cause cramping fingers, pain in the calves, and can cause long-term problems with hips and ankles. 

Anything less is not safer winter footwear, especially boots with fur or synthetic interior that can cause fungal feet infections (Athletes Foot). Get rid of Fungal Infections. Dermatologists advise that you wear them outdoors only and dry them well after wearing inside.

Large and heavy bags worn over one shoulder spine curve. Advice to women not carry bags weighing more than 10 percent of their weight.