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Athlete's Foot or Fungal legs diseases often attack men or people with diabetes. If your plantar itch, burn, the skin on your feet look like they have cooked, you are likely to infect fungus on foot.
Fungal infections of the feet, which previously had mostly athletes, today's most common diseases in the common man. Challengers are heading and fungi Trihofiton Mentagrofites, Epidermofiton Flokosum and Candidas. The disease is contagious. Can be obtained if you walk barefoot on the wet floor in pools, shared bathrooms or wearing someone else's shoes. It is more common in men and in patients with diabetes.

Interestingly, many people have the infection without any symptoms and difficulties.

There are three clinical forms - Vesiculobullous, Interdigital, Hyperkeratotic. Fungal infection is usually localized between the toes and around the small and ring finger or the middle part of the foot. Athlete's foot manifesting painful cracks, bubbles that burst, the bleeding, the skin look like it was cooked or peeled, and all that followed was unbearable burning and itching.

The fungal infection can be spread to the toenails as well as other parts of the body such as the armpits, if a person began on that part of the body. For this nail fungal disease causes discoloration, thickening and lifting of a fingernail, the appearance of odorous.
The diagnosis of athlete's foot is placed on the basis of the appearance of feet and using state of the art overview of the scanner, which in-depth look at changes in yeast. Sometimes it is necessary by taking a sample of skin or nail challenger isolate the disease.

Medical treatment includes the first thorough stripping fungal deposits from soft tissue of a fingernail, and using special abrasive device. This treatment is expensive and unreliable. In rare cases, it is necessary to take into account the antifungal pills. It can happen that secondary bacterial infections require antibiotics.

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Feet should be washed at least once a day with soap and warm water. Dry them well. It does not hurt during the day several times to take off shoes and socks and keep your feet on the air. Wear cotton or wool socks and change them often. Avoid rubber shoes and another in which the feet are sweaty. Footwear, especially sports, are often cleaned, dried and sprinkled with powdered antimycotic or neutral. Do not wear other people's shoes and socks. Do not walk barefoot at the pool or similar wet places.