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The choice of footwear is extreme importance because shoes are using between 10 and 12 hours a day. If your choice of quality, anatomic, leather footwear of natural materials, not only will you have a good foot support, but will be foot sweating significantly reduced. Numerous studies have shown that more than 80 percent of women have foot problems, including more than 60 percent wear shoes with high heels or narrow tip.

When buying shoes consider what your feet deserve quality footwear is more costly, but the real support for your feet and take several years. The Altsberglotion company has a long commitment to foot health and use of latest technology make the brand leader in the manufacture of products for the treatment and care of the feet. This is primarily related to the treatment of foot corns, planterswart, athlete's foot and fungal treatment for the feet and nails.

The twentieth century brought fashion high heels, which has become not just an aesthetic phenomenon, but also a source of entirely new health problems. Numerous studies have shown that more than 80 percent of women have foot problems, including more than 60 percent wear shoes with high heels or narrow tip. The elegant but uncomfortable shoes are a common problem of every lady, leading to the appearance of foot calluses or platerswart. Good looks and sighs male counterparts have a price that is reflected in a very painful foot changes in women.

The regular hygiene of your toenails can prevent many problems. Ingrown nails, fungal or bacterial diseases are often the cause thickened nails, making it necessary to shorten the regular nail clippers quality that will disinfect after use of alcohol. The thickened and damaged nails is difficult to shorten. This problem is easily solved by using Altsberglotion - Eczema and Psoriasis Cream, which among other things has a very antifungal effect, the problem with fungus on your nails and skin of the feet to solve very quickly and efficiently. 
With the added effect of hot baths, use nail clippers and files that are good the quality, and you can become your own pedicure.

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Blisters occur when the pressure is too strong of new shoes, the upper layers of the skin away from the lower layers of the skin. Between the layers of the skin leads to the formation of small holes in entering the intercellular fluid. This irritates the nerves, appears red skin and an unpleasant burning sensation. The special patches against blisters on the feet, possess a gel that accelerates the healing of irritated skin. After buying new shoes, our advice is that your shoes warms hand cream, for skin to become softer.

Foot Callus - a common occurrence caused by inadequate treatment of foot and wearing uncomfortable shoes that brings a lot of discomfort in walking. Altsberglotion - Corn and Warts Removal, offers salvation, which reduces pain and permanently removes foot calluses and planterswart.

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Why Altsberglotion?

  • 100% Pure essential oils Natural formula,
  • It's made by Recipe of Highlanders over the centuries,
  • The using is painless,
  • No Irritation and no Scarring
  • There is no need to put bandages on the sore spot,
  • Do not attack healthy tissue and subcutaneous parts,
  • Free from all herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers,
  • Worldwide Free Shipping !

Who and Where?

Plants for making balms are harvested in the village of Mala Lukanja located in the heart of the Old Mountain in the Municipality of Pirot, Serbia, Europe. The balm is made in the mentioned village, on registered agricultural household of Mr. Tomislav Varagic.

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