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Nowadays, often in the streets we see children with extreme redness on the cheeks, which unfortunately are not reddish reflection of a healthy child, but a result of skin disease, a disease of modern society - Dermatitis or Eczema.

Eczema is a chronic skin disease that is characterized by constant inflammation. Most often is found in children, and as causes of this phenomenon are given a genetic tendency to allergies, the impact of environmental pollution, reaction to different allergens and certain foods especially for children younger than 2 years of life. Discomfort felt by patients can sometimes be very difficult. Reduction of itching can be achieved by using Altsberglotion - Eczema and Psoriasis Cream, natural products to ease the symptoms and treatment of eczema.

With the controlling diet, and especially proper treatment, it is possible to get rid of this very unpleasant disease.

When it comes to nutrition, some groceries can aggravate eczema for children.
For some children, eczema is getting worse after consuming cow's milk, egg, peanut, tomato as the citrus fruits. Therefore, care should be taken after what a child reacts more rapid, and exclude that food from the diet of kiddies.

Another delusion of parents is that pets worsens condition of children who suffer from eczema or asthma, on the contrary, It is proved that the presence of a pet has positive influence on both adults and children, and their recovery from these diseases.

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